ECDL Testing Centre


Basic Concepts of IT

Module 1 - Basic Concepts of IT


Using a Computer and Managing Files

Module 2 - Using a Computer and Managing Files


Word Processing

Module 3 - Word Processing



Module 4 - Spreadsheets



Module 5 - Databases



Module 6 - Presentations


Information and Communication

Module 7 - Information and Communication

Public Institution “Vilties žiedas” is an authorized European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) Testing Centre.

What is ECDL?

ECDL (in Engl.) European Computer Driving Licence) is the system of acknowledgement and confirmation of a computer user qualification acknowledged in all the world.

The certificate has been acknowledged in 137 countries of the world, including Great Britain, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Australia, Egypt.

ECDL standard stands on the basics of which the computer user must know about information technology and personal computers and what skills of use of personal computers and the most popular software applicable in them he must acquire. The necessary knowledge spheres and skill groups defined by ECDL standard have been described in ECDL program.

The aim of ECDL program is to list the facts which should be known and skills which ought to be acquired according to the demands of the standard. ECDL program does not speak about the methods, technology and programs of teaching. It anticipates uniform demands for the examinations of computer literacy for all the Europe and the manner of taking these examinations.

ECDL is a document acknowledged in the whole world. It is aimed at making easier the procedures of employment and ensuring the employer that the applicants to the job and already working persons are able to work with a computer and use the usual software. ECDL is a certificate confirming the knowledge and competence which is based on the uniformly acknowledged ECDL program.

No matter if you are an experienced and competent use of personal computer (PC) or only a beginner in this sphere, ECDL course helps you to acquire and systematize knowledge and become an owner of the certificate acknowledged on international scale and confirming that knowledge.

ECDL certificate certifies that your knowledge corresponds to the level of the necessary knowledge confirmed in ECDL program.

Why is ECDL Useful?

At present the skills of work by computer for people become more and more important in all the spheres of life. ECDL is a certificate of informational technology for all the people. It is aimed at those who need or who want to know how to use a personal computer. This certificate suits employees of all the specialities – both only stepping into the labour market and people of any age.

ECDL Advantages:

  • The skills of every person in the sphere if information technology are evaluated;
  • A novel and clear method to check and evaluate the skills;
  • Effective educational and teaching model of information society is presented;
  • The understanding of the society about the advantages of active participation in the development of information society is formed;
  • Flexible and accessible to everyone way of improvement of qualification enabling to strive towards it in any country fulfilling ECDL program.


testimonial image

Thank you for the knowledge I have acquired and encouraging words.

I am grateful to people working in “Vilties žiedas” for the possibility to feel a student again:) I found out that the roots of science are bitter indeed, and the fruits are really delicious. I am happy for the joy and possibility to use the acquired knowledge now and in the future. I am really thankful for warm and encouraging words. I feel always welcome, greeted with smile and concern. You have become a part of my family, where I can share my worries without fear as I will always be heard and encouraged. Here I found new and sincere people who became my friends.
Thank You for being. I wish you to further give hope needed so much for people not only to learn but also to live. Thank you very much!!!

Participant of professional rehabilitation


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