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Information on FPTB “Vilties žiedas”

What is a firm of practical teaching of business?

Firms of practical teaching of business (hereinafter – FPTB) are firms which imitate the activity of real enterprises, processes taking place in a real enterprise, trade among themselves and similar. Firms of practical teaching act in many Lithuanian education institutions (state and private colleges, professional and secondary schools, grammar schools). Abroad such firms act both in educational institutions and in labour markets, organizations of disabled, various ladies associations, they are created at major enterprises in which their own employees are taught.

In Lithuania the activity of firms of practical teaching of business are coordinated by Lithuanian Centre of Practical Teaching of Business “SIMULITH”.

All Lithuanian Firms of practical teaching are the members of International EUROPEN Association and act in the world network of firms of practical teaching of business.

Following the law of the Register of Enterprises of Republic of Lithuania in “SIMULITH” network Register on 17 August 2007 firm of practical teaching of business FPTB PI “Vilties žiedas“ was registered.

PI “Vilties žiedas“ is the only enterprise in Lithuania which has established the adult practical teaching firm. FPTB aim is to provide to the students business knowledge, form and revaluate business skills. Conditions for practical applying of theoretical knowledge are created.

In a FPTB everything is real (financial documents, agreements, tax tariffs, people work according to the Republic of Lithuania laws, Government decrees in force, real currency rates are taken into account and similar). The difference is such that there are no material goods (they exist only in documents) and the money is false (only in the records of imitational bank, books of accountancy of FPTB and other documents).

While working in a firm of practical teaching the students try to independently settle the problems arising during work, to realize their ideas and plans, acquire practice of work at a business enterprise.

FPTB PI “Vilties žiedas“ character of activity is retail and wholesale trade, rendering of services and production.

The VISION of FPTB PI “Vilties žiedas“ is to constantly improve, effectively cooperate with real enterprises, introduce various informational technologies, to actively communicate with the firms of practical teaching of Lithuania and countries of the world. To become the strongest enterprise trading with interior and occasional goods among Lithuanian PTB firms.

MISSION of FPTB PI “Vilties Žiedas“ is to nurture enterprise character by imitating the activity of real enterprises, train people to consolidate in the labour market. To learn to satisfy the demands of consumers in rendering goods and services of modern design and high quality.

FPTB PI “Vilties žiedas“ has established two affiliates „Viltis“ and „Žiedas“ the activity of which is regulated in the articles of FPTB PI “Vilties žiedas“.


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Thank you for the knowledge I have acquired and encouraging words.

I am grateful to people working in “Vilties žiedas” for the possibility to feel a student again:) I found out that the roots of science are bitter indeed, and the fruits are really delicious. I am happy for the joy and possibility to use the acquired knowledge now and in the future. I am really thankful for warm and encouraging words. I feel always welcome, greeted with smile and concern. You have become a part of my family, where I can share my worries without fear as I will always be heard and encouraged. Here I found new and sincere people who became my friends.
Thank You for being. I wish you to further give hope needed so much for people not only to learn but also to live. Thank you very much!!!

Participant of professional rehabilitation


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