On 23 of February 2011, Public institution "Vilties ziedas" was visited by guests from Brussels (Belgium). This is a council of representatives of the EU, which examines the situation of persons with special needs and the impact of EU policies.

The aim of a visit to the Vocational Reabilitation Centre, was to see and get a deeper understanding of how the training setting works, the main outcomes achieved.

There was discussion with "Vilties ziedas" professionals who are directly involved with Vocational training programs. Guests got acquainted with the business activities of the learning environment, students interested in teaching methods in terms of employment and opportunities.



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Thank you for the knowledge I have acquired and encouraging words.

I am grateful to people working in “Vilties žiedas” for the possibility to feel a student again:) I found out that the roots of science are bitter indeed, and the fruits are really delicious. I am happy for the joy and possibility to use the acquired knowledge now and in the future. I am really thankful for warm and encouraging words. I feel always welcome, greeted with smile and concern. You have become a part of my family, where I can share my worries without fear as I will always be heard and encouraged. Here I found new and sincere people who became my friends.
Thank You for being. I wish you to further give hope needed so much for people not only to learn but also to live. Thank you very much!!!

Participant of professional rehabilitation


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