Project activity

Public Institution “Vilties žiedas” has submitted two projects in conformity with the description of project funding conditions concerning the measure VP3-2.4-SADM-01-R “Development of Infrastructure of Out-Patient Social Services” of 2nd priority of 2007-2013 Cohesion Promotion Activity Programme “Quality and Accessibility of Public Services: Health Care, Educational and Social Infrastructure” to the Central Project Management Agency.

  • Project “Development of Integrated Social Services Rendering Infrastructure in the Municipality of Šakiai Region, in the Subdistrict of Plokščiai, Gelgaudiškis and Kriūkai” intended to reconstruct a derelict building in Plokščiai village and to establish the centre of integrated social services in it.
  • Project “Reconstruction of Premises of Social Services Centre (A.Juozapavičiaus pr. 7G, Kaunas)” intended to reconstruct a building in Žemieji Šančiai district and to establish the centre of social services for people with severe complex mental and physical disabilities.
    We have signed the contracts successfully and started pursuing the works of project implementation.

A pleasant message has been received, that funding has been allocated for the project “Computer Literacy Training for the Inhabitants of Jonava, Kaunas and Vilnius Regions” in conformity with the measure VP1-1.1-SADM-07-K “Development of Computer Literacy Skills” of 1st priority of 2007-2013 Activity Programme of Human Resources Development “Quality Occupation and Social Coverage”.

Project implementation starts on 1 January 2011.
First certificates for ten people who successfully completed the course in computer literacy in Jonava have already been issued.

PI “Vilties žiedas” is a partner in the project “Development and implementation of methods of professional rehabilitation services to people with disabilities; Establishment of qualification requirements for professional rehabilitation specialists; Preparation and development of standards for rendering of professional rehabilitation services to people with disabilities; Development of service quality assessment system”.

The project is implemented in conformity with the measure VP1-1.2-SADM-02 “Development and Implementation of Professional Rehabilitation System for People with Disabilities” of 1st priority of 2007-2013 Activity Programme for Human Resources Development “Quality Occupation and Social Coverage”. The period of project activity implementation: 1 January 2009 to 31 December 2013.

The aim of the project is to improve the rendering of professional rehabilitation services, to ensure the quality of professional rehabilitation rendered to people with disabilities.

PI “Vilties žiedas” is participating in the first measure of the project: four techniques of professional rehabilitation service rendering to people with disturbed intellect will be created:

  • Professional Skills Assessment technique,
  • Professional Orientation and Consulting technique,
  • Professional Skills Rehabilitation and/or New Skills Development technique,
  • Help with Employment technique.

In 2009 project “Social Rehabilitation and Integration of the Disabled“ financed from Kaunas City non-governmental organization support foundation was successfully realized.

In 2008 project “See the World in Another Way“ was successfully finished to implement aiming to integrate the persons of disturbed intellect as equally valuable members of the society taking into account their individual demands.

In 2008 the project “Execution of Training Granting General Abilities and Professional Qualification of Women Intending to Return to Labour Market in Sakiai district“ of GPD 2 priority 3 means “Prevention of Social Disjuncture and Social Integration“ of 2004-2006 was successfully realized.

In 2006 we successfully realized project “Be with Us“ aimed at fulfillment of training of people with disturbed intellect.

We have realized the won project for social services provided by Kaunas non-governmental organizations financed from the budget of Kaunas City Municipality for 2005 “Vulnerable Man is our Biggest Worry“. In Kaunas City we were providing non-stationary nursing services: we nursed, tutored, visited patients, old people, lonely people for whom various help in their home or other place was necessary.

We successfully realized project at the initiative of European Communities at the initiative EQUAL theme A “Inducement of Labour Market Open to Everybody by Creating Conditions to Get Easier or Return to Labour Market for Persons who Come Across with Difficulties of Integration or Reintegration into Labour Market“ in which we were the partners of development communities (“A Way Out for You“ and “Strengthening of Young People Occupation and Motivation (“FOR YOU“).


testimonial image

Thank you for the knowledge I have acquired and encouraging words.

I am grateful to people working in “Vilties žiedas” for the possibility to feel a student again:) I found out that the roots of science are bitter indeed, and the fruits are really delicious. I am happy for the joy and possibility to use the acquired knowledge now and in the future. I am really thankful for warm and encouraging words. I feel always welcome, greeted with smile and concern. You have become a part of my family, where I can share my worries without fear as I will always be heard and encouraged. Here I found new and sincere people who became my friends.
Thank You for being. I wish you to further give hope needed so much for people not only to learn but also to live. Thank you very much!!!

Participant of professional rehabilitation


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